Are probiotics essential for your pets?

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A healthy digestive system is essential for all-round health. Without it, your pets will not be able to absorb the nutrients when food is being processed in their gut. This will lead to a big effect on how well the immune system functions. Good bacteria present in our pets’ digestive system helps in food digestion and keeps the bad bacteria in check.

The good bacteria levels may decrease due to a gastric upset or after a course of antibiotics. This is when probiotic supplementation can help to return the levels in the gut where they should be for health. Probiotics are good bacteria. They work together to ensure that the process of breaking down and digesting food works smoothly and efficiently which helps to support our pets’ immune system and keep our pets healthy.

Probiotics increases the number of helpful bacteria in the digestive system. The increased number of good bacteria ensures that food is broken down and processed properly and efficiently. Better digestion means more nutrition gained from the food and an improved state of bodily health. With large numbers of healthy, beneficial bacteria also means that there is less room for bad bacteria to stay and our pets are less likely to experience digestive upsets such as diarrhoea, vomiting or gastroenteritis.

A probiotic supplement may also provide benefits for your pets such as improved skin and coat appearance, a reduction in intestinal gas, improved breath, a reduction of allergies, a reduction in yeast-associated disorders and helps in regulating bowel function. Probiotics for pets come in a variety of forms, some examples include pills, powders, pastes or solutions. An important thing to take note is to use a product specifically formulated for pets’ consumption. The human gut flora differs from our pets’ gut flora, thus feeding probiotics designed for humans may not be as beneficial.

There are different types of probiotics available for pets. It is best to try several before concluding whether they are beneficial for your pet. For pets with intestinal disorder, benefits should be noticeable within two weeks of administration. However, for pets with itchy skin, it could take up to eight weeks before any effectiveness can be observed.

When administering a probiotic to your pets, follow the feeding instructions on the product label. Probiotics that are wrongly administered in amounts could be destroyed in the stomach and not reach the intestines where they are intended to perform their function. Do your research and talk to your vet if you are unsure on the probiotic supplement to feed your pets.

Similarly when introducing new food to your pets, start slow when introducing probiotics to them. Keep an eye out for signs where they are intolerant to it and stop if necessary. When feeding a fibre supplement, ensure that your pet always has plenty of fresh, clean water to drink. You can also consider adding more water into their food if they are reluctant to drink enough!

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