Keeping your pets cool during hot weather.

By November 29, 2021April 12th, 2023Cats, Dogs

Rising temperatures should not be taken lightly as it is easy for our pets to get overheated. Pets with thick or long fur, or those that are brachycephalic (flat-nosed), are particularly susceptible to getting overheated in high temperatures. Hot weather can be really uncomfortable, so it is important that owners keep their pets cool.

How do we ensure that our pets stay cool during hot weather? Switching on the cooler or air conditioner can help to bring down the temperature of the environment. It is also advisable that our pets have access to fresh drinking water at all times. Consumption of water will be able to lower their body temperature. We can also prepare simple treats that keep them cool and hydrated yet at the same time provide lots of entertainment.

Here are some simple yet fun recipes while making sure that your pets stay cool and hydrated during hot weather! Whether they are dogs, cats or small animals, we’ve got you covered!

  • Banana-berry frosties (For Dogs)

What you’ll need: Mashed banana, Chopped berries, Water (Optional) and Ice cube tray
Step 1: Mash bananas, chop berries and mix them together.
Step 2: Take an ice cube tray and fill each cube with the mix.
(Optional: You might want to add some water into the mix to reduce the calories in each cube.)
Step 3: Place in a freezer overnight and there you have, an ice cool snack!

  • Peanut butter chilly time (For Dogs)

What you’ll need: Peanut butter (Make sure it doesn’t contain xylitol!) and your dog’s favourite puzzle toy
Step 1: Take a spoon of peanut butter and smear it inside the puzzle toy.
(Optional: You can add some treats for an extra challenge!)
Step 2: Pop it in the freezer and your dog will have a fun treat to keep them cool.

  • Moggie Morsels (For Cats)

What you’ll need: Your cats wet food and Catnip (Optional)
Step 1: Scoop your cat’s favourite wet food into an ice cube tray, and place in the freezer overnight.
(Optional: Encourage your cat to engage in their cool treat, by adding a sprinkle of catnip on top as an extra treat!)

  • Tuna-tastic freeze-pops (For Cats)

What you’ll need: A tin of tuna (Not brine or oil) in spring water, Ice cube tray and a Bowl
Step 1: Pour the fresh spring water from a tin of tuna into an ice cube tray and freeze.
Step 2: Once frozen, pop the ice cubes in a shallow bowl of water, and watch your cat play with the frozen fishy cubes!

  • Veg-tastic (For Small Pets)

What you’ll need: Chunks of carrot, broccoli or banana
Step 1: Simply cut the veggie as you normally would for your small pet and pop it into the freezer.
Step 2: Once frozen, place it in your small pet’s home and watch them cool down as they munch away!

  • Green smoothie (For Small Pets)

What you’ll need: Kale, Watermelon and Ice cubes
Step 1: Whizz up some kale, watermelon and ice cubes until it turns into a slush.
Step 2: Pour into a bowl and share with your furry friends! Use your pets’ favourite veggies for an extra tasty treat!

Making treats can be a great way to bond with your pets and is a fun activity for any member of the family. Prefer something simple? You can also consider freezing broth in an ice cube tray to create a tasty chilled treat for your pets. Remember that it is always best to supervise your pets when giving them their frozen goodies!


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