Shelf life / Best Before Date of The Honest Kitchen Pet Food

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One of the buying factor which pet owners choose a particular pet food is the shelf life aka expiry date. Most pet owners would prefer to purchase pet food with a longer shelf life or with a later expiry date, so that they can store the food for a longer period of time. However, longer shelf life also equates to more preservatives being added.



In The Honest Kitchen, we preserve the food by gently dehydrating the ingredients in order to create a healthier type of pet food with more nutritional values. Our foods have a shelf life of 12 to 24 months from the date of manufacturing, depending on the product.

The date of manufacture is printed on the top of every 10lbs box in a specially designed ‘tear out and keep’ card, while the Best Before date is printed on the bottom on the 2lbs bottle.



Top of the 10 lbs box




2lbs bottle

Note: The manufacture date printed on our 10lbs boxes are in USA format (MM/DD/YY).

Over in Singapore, it takes about 2-3 months for the freshest batch of dehydrated food to reach us, which explains the short expiry date by the time it is being bought. But! Not to worry as our dehydrated foods are naturally shelf stable and upon storing them in a cool, dry place, the nutritional values will still remain.


Valentine’s Day Promotion- 15% Off Quickies Dog Treats

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Enjoy 15% off (RRP:$29/-) on all Quickies for the month of February!

What could possibly be the best gift for Fido this Valentine? It’s none other than our delicious dehydrated Icelandic haddock training treats – QUICKIES! 

Compressed into bite-sized heart shape tablets,  these treats are low in calorie and perfect to use as high-value treats for reward-based training. It is grain-free and made of single ingredient, thus suitable for pets who have food allergies/ sensitivities.

Quickies on hand

Available at all The Honest Kitchen Singapore’s Retailers. (Except Pet Lovers Centre)

*While stock last*
* Best before June 2016*


4 Food to avoid giving your pets this Chinese New Year

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4 Food to avoid giving your pets this Chinese New Year

While we basked ourselves in the festive mood and fill our tummies with Chinese new year goodies, do remember that not all food are suitable for our furry friends! As much as we would love to share our love and joy with them, here are 5 food to avoid giving your pets:


           bak kwa

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  1. Bak Kwa, also known as Barbecued Pork/ Meat Jerky
    Bak Kwa are usually oily and rich in fats, which can cause pancreatic or heart problems if taken in excessive quantity. Your pets may have symptoms of diarrhea or vomiting after eating.

    chocolate gold coinImage credit:

  2. Chocolates
    Chocolate contains theobromide, which can damage a dog’s lungs, heart, kidneys and nervous system. Symptoms includes vomiting, diarrhoea, restlessness, hyperactivity or even seizures.

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    macadamia nuts
    Macadamia Nuts
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  3. Nuts (Pistachio/ macadamia nuts)
    Thou not as toxic as chocolates and alcohol, a mere handful of Macadamia nuts can lead to vomiting, muscle and joint pain, lethargy or even temporary paralysis in your pets. Pistachios are generally non-toxic but it is high in fats. Avoid giving dogs Pistachio that are still in the shell as it can cause digestive blockages which can be dangerous.

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  4. Alcohol
    Alcohol are toxic for pets due to their smaller built as compared to humans and inability to process the intoxicating properties. What might seem to be a “safe” amount to you might be fatal to your pet when consumed. Each alcohol beverage contains different concentration of alcohol, ranging from 4% (Beer) to up 90% (hard liquor), a small amount of hard liquor may potentially kill your pet. Signs of alcohol poisoning are: Digestive upset such as vomiting or diarrhea, difficulty in walking or standing, drowsiness, unable to coordinate themselves or slow breathing rate.

Also, refrain from feeding any food to your friends or relatives’ pets during visiting, especially if you are unsure of their diet and allergies as some pets might have special diets to follow with.

Share this with your loved ones and have a Happy New Year!


Chinese New Year Promotion – Nuzzles Giveaway

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Chinese New Year is round the corner and we are giving away 1 x Free box of Nuzzles Cookies (worth $23/-) with every 10lbs/7lbs  dehydrated food purchased!

Choose from our assorted range of recipes and treat your pup to some healthy and delectable Nuzzles treats this new year while you enjoy on your Ba Kwas and love letters.

Nuzzles are made from human grade ingredients and crafted into a larger, heart-shape and have the perfect consistency for a dog biscuit – not too hard and not too crumbly. Plus, with just 2.3 calories per Nuzzle, they are a perfect bedtime snack!

Ingredients: Barley flour, duck, molasses, water, eggs, coconut oil, cherries and parmesan cheese

*While stock last*
* Best Before March 2016*

Available with all retailers except Pet Lovers Centre outlets. 

Back in stock! Probloom Goat Milk

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Yes! You have got it right! Our all time favourite goat milk – Probloom is now back in stock, and with a new look too!

Old Packaging


New packaging in canister form!



6oz, Recommended Retail Price: $38.00


Click on the image above to find out more about Probloom and it’s benefits!

You can get them from our RETAILERS now!

Perfect Form’s New Look!

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Our new shipment has arrived together with a new look for Perfect Form!

Perfect Form is a herbal supplement for pets of all life-stages with diarrhea/ digestion problem.
Packed with herbs such as slippery elm, fennel and plantain, it aids to soothe and protect the GI tract of your precious pet.
It also helps to reduce loose stools caused by environmental stress, dietary indiscretion or in between transition to a new diet. And for those pets’ who is a little “Gas-sier” than usual, try it too!


Active Ingredients per 1 tsp: Papaya leaf, plantain leaf, slippery elm, organic pumpkin seed, pectin, papain and fennel
Inactive Ingredients: None
Contains no added salt, sugar, by-products, preservatives or chemicals of any kind.



Stop the loose stool now! Check out our RETAILERS.

New Recipe! – Limited Ingredient Dog Food for sensitive pets

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Introducing the NEW Minimalist recipe line!

With only 6 limited ingredients, these recipes are great for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies, or if you just want to simplify your pet”s diet while while keeping the meal healthy and balanced. 


1. Thrive – Chicken & Quinoa Recipe Thrive is one of our existing gluten-free dog food which many pet owners are not aware that it is actually recommended for pets with allergy. This is because it does not contain apples, bananas and white potatoes which are listed as intolerant foods and the protein source – Free-range Chicken is listed as a neutral protein. On top of that, Thrive also contains organic fair-trade Quinoa which is high in protein and contains all the essential amino acid which your pet will need.

All ingredients dehydrated: Chicken, organic quinoa, sweet potatoes, spinach, parsley, organic kelp, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate.

*Available in 2 lbs and 10 lbs*


2. Brave – Grain Free Fish Recipe Brave is a grain-free, potato-free and poultry-free recipe which contains just 6 whole food ingredients! It is perfect for puppies and adult dogs who need a limited ingredient pet food/ are allergic to most poultry. It”s Marine Stewardship Council Certified pollock assures you that the stock comes from a sustainable fishery オンライン カジノ which has met the fishing requirement such as minimizing impact on the environment. 

All ingredients dehydrated: MSC certified pollock, organic coconut, chickpea, celery, pumpkin, spinach, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate.

 *Available only in 10 lbs at the moment*


3. Marvel – Grain Free Turkey Recipe

Marvel too, is grain free and potato-free recipe. The premium cage-free turkey meat is listed as the single protein source which will make picky pups change their mind. It is great for adult dogs who needs a limited ingredient diet.

All ingredients dehydrated: Cage-free turkey, parsnip, navy bean, organic coconut, pumpkin, parsley, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate.

*Available only in 10 lbs at the moment*



 How much to feed?

howmuchtofeed (others)

The Honest Kitchen x Pooch Pantry Hallo-WIN Contest

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Halloween is a time when the humans go around visiting haunted houses and attending parties in fancy costumes. This year, we are here to give the four-legged friends a chance to join in the fun!

The Honest Kitchen Singapore has collaborated with Pooch Pantry to bring you the #HALLO-WIN contest on Instagram!

First up – The Prizes

Image courtesy of Pooch Pantry
Oh by the way, that”s Sasha – The mascot and taste tester chief of Pooch Pantry 😉

There are a total of 3 sets of prizes to be won, each set consist of:

1. A box of Honest Kitchen dehydrated cat fish skin – Beams which are made from pure, wild-caught Icelandic Catfish skin from the clear ocean waters of Iceland and dried into savory chew sticks.

2. An exclusive Halloween bucket specially prepared by Pooch Pantry which consist of Spooky Ghost, Scary Pumpkin and 2 Batty Bat Lollipops, together with 50g of Pooch Pantry signature Pork sticks. *Yums*

Batty Bat Lollipop

Spooky Ghost and Scary Pumpkin treats which are mouth-watering

Ingredients used: Minced pork and salmon marinated with tumeric and sesame oil with The Honest Kitchen Preference.

3. My Dog – HeartBreakers dog toy from KONG
My Dog”s HeartBreakers toys are cuddly and tough, featuring a natural rubber heart as the body of the toys to act as an anchor point for オンライン カジノ extra durability.

4. Roots All Natural Herbal Ear Cleanser
Packed with high grade essential oil blend and botanical infusions, オンライン カジノ Roots Herbal Ear Cleanser helps to form a physical barrier on the オンライン カジノ skin to ward off infection and eliminates ear mites. It is also helpful オンライン カジノ for minor itch and may help ease irritation caused by seasonal allergies, and bug bites.

Now the question…


1. Follow both @Roots_technologies_sg and @Pooch_pantry on Instagram
2. Post of picture of your pet in their spookiest Halloween outfit and hashtag #thkxpphalloween
3. Tag 3 friends to join in the fun with us!

Contest Period: 1 October – 25 October 2015, 2359.

3 winners will be chosen and announced on 26th October 2016 at 12pm on both Instagram and Facebook so do check back!

*The organizers (Roots Technologies Pte Ltd and Pooch Pantry)  reserve the right to select/re-select winners who are non-compliant with the terms and conditions due to negligence on their individual part. Prizes are non-transferable, non-exchangeable for cash or other items and may be subjected to availability. Roots Technologies and Pooch also reserve the right to replace any prizes with items of similar value without prior notice.*


Go Green With The Honest Kitchen!

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As an initiative to ‪#‎gogreen‬ and protect the environment, our management has decided to remove the scoops from all current 2lbs packaging with immediate effect.

You may measure our dehydrated pet food with a standard 8oz cup as stated in our feeding guidelines. (8oz is about 16 オンライン カジノ table spoons).

Note: The recommended amount are based on dry measure, prior to hydration. It is advisable to measure the food in volume instead of weight as each recipe has different density/ weight オンライン カジノ due to the their ingredients.

An example of a オンライン カジノ 8oz measuring cup: update-international-mea-25pc-polycarbonate-pc-dry-measuring-cup-1-cup_3317434

Image credit:

Lets play a part in keeping our environment a healthier and greener place to live in ! Hashtag ‪#‎thkgogreen‬ on Instagram (@roots_technologies_sg)  to show us what are the alternatives you use to measure your ‪#‎thkpetfood‬!

With Love,
THK Singapore