Our Base Mixes : Preference VS Kindly

By September 15, 2016June 10th, 2020Insights

With the new addition of Kindly to the base-mix recipes, one of the most common question pet owners have in mind when choosing between our 2 base-mix recipes Preference and Kindly is: “What is the difference between this new base-mix and Preference? ”

In order to help you make a better decision before purchasing, we have listed a few differences and similarity between the 2 products:

Both recipes are grain-free and contains mostly vegetables. However, Kindly is created so as to serve as an additional option for pet owners whose dogs have an allergy/food intolerance to ingredients such as apples or bananas.

The base-mixes prior to re-hydration

Texture wise, Preference is generally finer as compared to Kindly even thou you will still be able to find chunks of fruits and vegetables it it.
Kindly has a brighter coloration due to the fresh ingredients such as carrots and flax-seeds which gives it a color pop!

Upon re-hydration, Kindly has a thicker consistency as compared to Preference:

Do remember to add in your preferred source of protein (meat) before serving it to your pup! Below is a recommended feeding guide for your reference (The actual feeding amount varies for each dog depending on its activity level and life stage, you may increase/decrease the amount accordingly):

Check out the video guide on How to prepare a tasty meal with The Honest Kitchen’s Base mix.