For dogs making the change from a processed diet of kibble or canned food, our food should be introduced gradually, over a period of four to seven days depending on your dog’s sensitivity. If your dog is already consuming a varied, raw or home cooked diet, our foods can usually be introduced more quickly, over one or two meals.

Start by adding just a small amount of the Honest Kitchen (with water added) into your dog’s current meals. Gradually increase the amount of the Honest Kitchen while decreasing the amount of your dog’s original diet. This will allow the natural ‘friendly’ gut flora in the intestines to get accustomed to the new diet and become more efficient at digesting the new food.

How much you start with will depend on the size of your pup and how sensitive they are to change. For some, ¼ of the Honest Kitchen and ¾ of the original diet may work well. For more sensitive dogs, start with a smaller amount. For more robust tummies, you may try ½ and ½. Feel free to adjust the amount and schedule to suit your pup’s individual needs.

For pups that have a very sensitive GI, it may be a good idea to try adding in some of our herbal digestion aid, Perfect Form, during the transition.

Some cats transition easily and love our food right away, and others end up in a battle of will with their owners – they’re creatures of habit and have quite particular opinions on things, after all!

We recommend hydrating very small amounts (pea-size portions) of Honest Kitchen food initially, and adding this to their current food. Then, gradually increase the Honest Kitchen food each day over a period of weeks (if needed).

Cats have their preferences, and because they are such tactile creatures, you should play around with the water content – adding more if they enjoy soupy meals or using less water if the preference is a tacky consistency.

Each cup = 8oz by volume

The amounts we recommend are based on the dry measure, before you add warm water.


This will depend on how much your pet requires of the dry mix each day, and if you have multiple pets. Using our feeding charts (above), you can estimate the amount each dog may need. For instance, if your dog weighs 30lbs, you may need 1 dry cup per day, and a 10lb box will last approximately 40 days.

Do note that the above chart only serves as a recommended guideline, each individual dog needs will vary with their age and activity level. You may also add more or less water than we suggest, according to your pet’s taste.

  • Each 10lb box yields approximately 40 cups of the dry mix.
  • Each 7lb box yields approximately 30 cups of the dry mix.
  • Each 4lb box yields approximately 16 cups of the dry mix.
  • Each 2lb box yields approximately 8 cups of the dry mix.